Competition Season

Is coming!

We'd like to help you get ready for competition this year! 

You'll be killing it on stage and supporting moSTLy TAP at the same time!

100% of your donation will go toward the expansion of our education programs. 

Here's how!

1. Record yourself.

Perform your tap solo, duo, trio, group, etc., with your music. 

Rehearsal videos are fine.  Make sure you have permission from your choreographer and/or the other dancers

in your group.

2.  Upload your video.

Upload your video to a sharing platform such as Dropbox, Vimeo, or Youtube.  

You may submit more than one competition piece. 

3. Hit "Enter!" 

You'll submit your video link(s) and make your minimum donation of $10/link to receive your performance feedback. 


You'll receive your audio feedback for your piece within 1 week of your submission.

We'll be accepting submissions through November 30, 2020.


St. Louis, MO

Email:  thingsaretappening@mostlytap.com

Phone:  636-577-4012