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"In due time" student program

Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, we have elected to cancel our auditions scheduled for May 3, 2020.  

Dancers wishing to participate in the "In Due Time" Student Program will now be adjudicated via video submission.  

Participation in the program includes:  

- Performance of new piece at the moSTLy TAP workshop on August 22, 2020.

- Participation in the "In Due Time" premiere performance.  Dancers will rehearse with the musicians, assist behind the scenes, and participate in show preparations.  Each dancer will receive a ticket to the performance.

- Dancers will join moSTLy TAP on stage for the "In Due Time" encore.


Note:  There is no audition or participation fee required for the program.  If accepted, dancers must register and pay for the moSTLy TAP workshop at COCA on August 22, 2020.  Cost is $80 to register.  Registration opens in June. 



To Audition:

Dancers must be age 18 or under and must be at the high intermediate or advanced tap level. 


moSTLy TAP will begin receiving video submissions on May 3, 2020.  The deadline to submit audition videos is May 17, 2020.

Dancers wishing to submit an audition video need to sign-up by emailing moSTLy TAP at

Please include dancer name, age, phone number, and the email address to which you would like us to send audition links.

On May 3, all dancers that have signed up will receive an email from moSTLy TAP with several video links as well as a link to a preliminary rehearsal schedule.  Each video link will include a breakdown of technique & performance combinations.

- Dancers must learn the combination choreography in each link.

- Dancers must then record themselves executing each combination.  Be dressed neatly with hair pulled away from your face.  Your whole body should be visible in your video.  

- In addition, dancers must submit a clip of their own improvisation, 32 bars in length.  Dancers must count themselves in and may choose the tempo.  Improvisation may be performed with music, although using a metronome is preferred. 

- Dancers may upload and share completed video clips with moSTLy TAP via dropbox or youtube link.

- Each combination may be submitted as a separate clip link, or all in one complete video.  

- Be sure to introduce yourself in your video and briefly explain why you would like to be part of the program. 

Dancers will be considered for the program based on the following criteria:

- Technique

- Clarity of sound

- Musicality & dynamics

- Execution

- Performance & presentation

All dancers that submit an audition will receive an email with feedback based on his/her submission. If accepted to the program, a letter of acceptance will be included as well.