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Our mission:


To create dance and music education opportunities accessible for all ages,  inspire collaboration between artists, and connect our community through rhythm.   


Create.  Inspire.  Connect.


We are often asked:


"Where can I go to learn more about tap dance?"


"How can I learn more about a professional performance career?"


"Are there opportunities for a professional performance career in St. Louis?"


"Where can I find regular tap classes for adults?"


"Where can I see more live music and tap dance performances?"



We are making big moves so we can respond to each of these questions with the same answer:

"Right here with us!"


This is where YOU step into the spotlight!


We're developing educational programs that offer opportunities for all ages and levels, not only in tap dance, but in music and various dance styles. A pre-professional training program and performance opportunities will be available as well as regular community events and performances.


We are asking for your support toward equipment, supplies, and operating costs associated with program development. With your help and collaboration, we will be able to provide creative opportunities for all ages right here in St. Louis!


Please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking the button below.


St. Louis, MO


Phone:  636-577-4012